TFUND, tokenized U.S. Treasury Bills, has officially launched. Read more here.


Cogito's mission is to bring tokenized traditional assets onchain for increased liquidity, security, and transparency. Led by a team of finance and technology experts, Cogito is well-positioned to build the future of finance onchain.

  • Cloris Chen

    Cloris combines a banking background with hands-on DeFi experience. She spent 6 years at HSBC and served as treasury director for a unicorn startup. She holds a Master's in CS from UPenn and a Master's in Economics from HKUST.

  • Norton Wang

    Norton has over 10 years of blockchain engineering experience at startups like TradeBlock, Axoni, and DFINITY. He has worked on everything from Bitcoin script to enterprise blockchains to market making bots. He holds a CS degree from Cornell University.

  • Kenneth Ng
    Head of BD

    Kenneth is a seasoned sales professional with a background in reputable companies such as and the TON Foundation. He holds a BBA in Finance and Information Systems from HKUST.

  • Nejc Žnidar
    Quant Analyst

    Nejc has extensive experience as a financial modeler and analyst and has contributed to various research areas at SingularityNET. He holds a Master's in Quantitative Science from Tilburg University.

  • Sandra Grabowiec
    Growth Manager

    Sandra's blockchain journey began in 2018 when she focused on smart contracts in her dissertation to later pursue a Master's Degree in Blockchain and Digital Currency from UNIC. Her hands-on experience in DeFi, business consultancy, and education reflects her passion for the blockchain and fintech landscape.

  • LC Stroud
    Content Strategist

    LC is an experienced brand and content strategist with a background in marketing across both Web2 and Web3. Throughout her years in the field, she's delved into various blockchain topics, including DeFi protocols, decentralization, and regulatory aspects.

  • Janet Adams

    Janet is currently COO of SingularityNET and has over 15 years of experience in compliance at HSBC and RBS.

  • Ben Goertzel
    Chief Scientist & Advisor

    Ben is a world class AI expert, a pioneer in artificial general intelligence, and founder and CEO of SingularityNET.