TFUND, tokenized U.S. Treasury Bills, has officially launched. Read more here.

Tokenizing Traditional Assets for Onchain Finance

Carefully-engineered, fully transparent, and institutional-grade investment products

Onchain is the new Online

Cogito is bringing tokenized traditional assets onchain for increased liquidity, security, and transparency

Experienced Leadership

Led by industry experts in banking, compliance, and blockchain infrastructure

Fully Compliant

Robust framework ensures compliance with all regulations


Real-time, blockchain-powered transparency and security

Diverse Risk Profiles

From safe treasury yield to high-growth tech stocks

DeFi Enabled

ERC-4626 fund tokens are easily integrated


AI-powered trading strategies for maximum efficiency

More than just T-Bills

Comprehensive offerings with multiple risk profiles and goals


Offers a basket of government treasury bonds, including U.S. Treasury Bills, with an annual yield of 5%-5.5%. These highly liquid and low-risk assets appeal to crypto-native investors seeking safe and regulated investment options


Provides investors with exposure to a basket of green bonds, offering an annual yield of ~5%. These investment-grade assets promote sustainable development while providing stable returns to investors.


An AI-managed portfolio with models co-developed with SingularityNET. This option caters to investors seeking higher returns who are willing to take on more risk.

How It Works


Eligible investors choose a tokenized investment offering of their choice and invest with USDC or bank wire


Receive fund tokens as onchain proof-of-ownership


Use fund tokens for maximum liquidity and leverage

Use Cases

  • For DAOs

    Put your treasury to work with stable and low-risk T-Bills

  • For DeFi Protocols

    Integrate tokenized traditional fixed-income assets, such as T-Bills, into your DeFi protocols to boost yield opportunities for your users

  • For Institutions

    Access mature traditional financial products on the blockchain to benefit from reduced costs, increased liquidity, and operational efficiency



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